The Hilma M-TECS 210 magnetic clamping system is the only system of its kind that can be used in rubber moulding where temperatures of up to 210 °C are required. Clamping is simply and safely achieved by pressing two buttons on the remote control unit and can be used to clamp any number and size of dies in seconds. Helping the end user to reduce changeover times and increase the profitability of small batch work. The system consists of permanent magnets and therefore no power is required to maintain clamping force. Electrical power is only used to change the state of the magnets and to give permanent clamp or permanent unclamp. The Hilma M-TECS 210 systems can be supplied with or without inbuilt heating elements and can be used successfully in vacuum boxes. Magnetic clamping systems have been used safely and successfully on injection moulding machines for many years and now, thanks to the Hilma M-TECS 210 from Roemheld, this technology can be used at rubber moulding temperatures. The M-TECS system is now also available in a 240 °C version that Roemheld has developed specially for die casting machines.