The new Hilma M-TECS magnetic clamping system is the only system of its kind that can be used in rubber moulding where temperatures of up to 240° C are required. This unique system offers a clamping time of just seconds, drastically reducing set-up times. No die standardisation is required and the system offers the end user enhanced just-in-time ability and greater competitiveness, even for small batch runs. The magnetic clamping plates are suitable for all rubber moulding presses. By combining the clamping technique with die carts, coupling technique and a preheating station, dies with a temperature of 240°C and with a weight of several tons can be clamped ready for production and unclamped by one single operator in less than 30 minutes.The M-TECS magnetic clamping system is suitable for both vertical and horizontal machines and can be used with any size and shape of die. The system consists of permanent magnets and therefore no power is required to maintain clamping force. Electrical power is only used to change the state of the magnets and to give permanent clamp or permanent unclamp.