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Axminster adds pillar drills to Engineer Series


Two newly developed pillar drills have joined the Axminster Engineer Series. Weighing in at 48 kg, the M-360 is a small cast iron pillar drill suited to low batch work. It uses the ER16 collet system, which in turn uses ...

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Axminster unveils Engineer Series mill-drills


The Axminster Engineer Series of mill-drills comprises two models, X2.7 and SX2.7, both of which share the same rigid, dovetailed back column design, with the headstock height control lever-mounted in a natural position ...

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Ficep’s CNC drilling line is Rapid


The Rapid from Ficep is a new CNC high speed drilling line for angles and flats offering high productivity, quality, flexibility, accuracy and lower production costs.

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MPS 3D turnkey laser solution joins Rofin line-up


The latest turnkey laser solution from Rofin, the MPS 3D (modular processing system 3D), is designed for complex 2.5 and 3D material processing tasks. The system integrates both axis modules and control units into one ...

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CNC sharpener cuts cost of restoring drill bits


The XPS-16 4-axis CNC bench-top drill sharpener, manufactured in the USA by Darex and available from 1st MTA, can restore high performance drills in a one-touch operation. The heavy duty unit costs the equivalent of 100 ...