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FOBA fibre laser marker now available from TLM


FOBA Laser, a specialist in industrial laser part marking and engraving solutions, has introduced another laser marker for line integration. The FOBA Y.0200-S model is an upgrade to the existing range of fiber laser ...

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Technifor releases 3D stylus dot peen marker


Technifor, a Gravograph group company, has unveiled a high amplitude 3D stylus that is said to be capable of following the profile of every component to be marked. Regardless of whether the part features sloping planes, ...

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Trumpf reveals TruMark 3330 for marking plastic


Trumpf is expanding its TruMark Series 3000 with the addition of the TruMark 3330 ultraviolet laser. In addition to marking glass, ceramics and organic materials, the primary use for the diode-pumped, solid-state laser ...

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SIC Marking’s E-Mark gun is now available from UMS


E-mark from SIC Marking is a portable, fully autonomous, battery-powered marking gun that is said to be the smallest of its type on the market. Available in the UK from Universal Marking Systems, it features an ...

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Electrox extends EMS workstation range


Electrox has introduced a number of extensions to its EMS series of workstations for marking operations. These range from the EMS 400 – the largest workstation in the family – to a smaller desktop model, the EMS 150.

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Geo Kingsbury releases Hermle C32U Dynamic


A 5-axis machining centre has been added to the Hermle C-series range. The C32U Dynamic is capable of fully interpolative 5-axis profiling, as well as 5-sided machining within a working envelope of 650 by 650 by 500 mm. ...

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Electrox Cobra accelerates laser coding


Electrox has launched Cobra, its first high speed CO2 coding laser. Designed for use on fast-moving production lines, the machine represents Electrox's first foray into high speed packaging applications. The Cobra will ...

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TLM introduces Foba C series CO2 lasers


The Foba C.0101 and C.0301 are CO2 laser markers designed for direct part marking. Available in the UK from TLM Laser, they replace the current Alltec LC100 and LC300 models.