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Comau introduces its new Racer-5 COBOT


​Comau has introduced its RACER-5-0.80 (Racer-5 COBOT), a new paradigm in collaborative robotics which meets the growing demand for fast, cost-effective cobots that can be used in restricted spaces and in different ...

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Fanuc launches its strongest SCARA robot yet


Fanuc has expanded its SCARA robot line-up with the introduction of the newest model: the SR-20iA - able to carry payloads of up to 20kg, it is the company’s strongest SCARA to date.

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Yaskawa launches new Motoman-PL robot


Motion control and robotics specialist Yaskawa continue to develop their Motoman range of robots to meet these demands as illustrated by their newly developed Motoman-PL series.

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Kawasaki 6-axis RS13N industrial robot is fast & compact


​The soon-to-be-available all-new Kawasaki RS13N industrial robot is a 6-axis machine that has a wrist twist of up to 730°/sec, an arm rotation of up to 265°/sec and straight line interpolation of 12,750 mm/secs, making ...