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Kasto app gives sawing machine activity visibility


​Kasto has introduced a new application, KASTOapp, to facilitate remote visualisation of its sawing machines on a shopfloor. The app displays the operational status of all networked machines equipped with the ...

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Starrett’s S1005 bandsaw is portable


Starrett has launched a portable, battery-powered bandsaw designed for professional installers and contractors working across multiple sites. With a blade speed of 170 m/min, the handheld bandsaw is suitable for high ...

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Kasto’s storage systems cut energy use by up to 40%


Kasto has developed an energy recovery and storage system for its German-built industrial warehouses used for the automated storage and retrieval of bar, tube, sheet, plate and other materials. The technology enables ...

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Starrett Core Ejector improves hole sawing process


LS Starrett’s Core Ejector tool is two-part device that addresses a common problem for machine shops by removing the disc of material that would usually remain inside the hole-saw after it has completed the cut.

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KASTOwin F 10.6 bandsaw accommodates heavy workpieces


Kasto has introduced a new model at the top end of its KASTOwin range of automatic bandsaws. With a cutting capacity of 1,000 by 1,060 mm, the KASTOwin F 10.6 includes a moveable material support table that is said to ...