Airborne contamination cleaning system company Flextraction offers the Kiekens KW1000 wet and swarf suction cleaner. The 230V 50/60Hz KW1000 is available in three versions with either a 2 x 1,100W, 3 x 1,000W or 2 x 1,500W motor with a noise level of 63dB(A) at 1m distance. Each version has a two stage turbo fan producing an airflow of 410m3/hr, 540m3/hr and 460m3/hr and suction pressure 21,000, 20,500 and 24,500 Pa respectively. All three versions weigh 108 kg. The other cleaners in this range are the 400V 50Hz KW2000, KW3000 and KW4000, which have a 3-stage turbo fan producing an airflow ranging from 330 – 630 m3/hr and a suction pressure from 18500 – 21000 Pa both measured at the inlet, providing an IP55 protection level. They weigh 128,167 and 177kg respectively All KW swarf and suctions cleaners have a 80 litre dust container and a 1.8/2.7m2 filter area and are compact in size measuring 1,010 mm long by 700 mm wide with the height depending on the model chosen