CAMIO 8.5 includes several programming updates, including the reorganisation of RPS alignments, and improvements in angle between tolerances so that users can easily toggle between acute, obtuse supplementary angles. A further programming update is more precise and pronounced warning messages for users when setting machine/program parameters outside of min/max limits.

The user interface has also been subjected to a review, with window docking significantly improved. In addition, CAD layers are now displayed in a separate window, which provides easier access, while a CAD orientation buttons allows users to maintain their current zoom level.

CAMIO 8.5 also features a number of laser and point cloud improvements, enhancements to ease of use, and better probe-head support. Regarding the latter, support is now available for the Renishaw PHS1 head system, along with the ACR2 auto-change rack. ACR2 is a modular extension arm change system for the PHS1 servo-positioning head that allows any number of racks to be positioned on a pillar anywhere within the machine volume. Support is also added for the Renishaw SP80 probe head.