The extremely robust cutter stands out, due to its excellent efficiency. The combination of semi-finishing and finishing inserts contributes to this, which has the effect of increasing productivity and quality. Years’ worth of know-how in developing and manufacturing machining tools has resulted in an innovative pressing method that yields robust inserts. These wiper inserts are especially suited to very high feed rates and achieve outstanding surface qualities. The strengths of the MFF milling cutter come into their own for large components, such as construction parts made of construction steel, carbon steel or cast iron (grey and ductile iron). The robust cutter can even be used for hardened steel (up to 60 HRC) and stainless steel.

The MFF milling cutter achieves a high quality finish, as well as increase productivity, thanks to its wiper geometry. At the same time, typical problems such as vibrations or scratches are avoided, principally through a combination of a sharp edges and the patented Kyocera Cermet technology used as the insert substrate.

The new design of the milling body allows plates to be changed reliably. More time is saved, thanks to the preset cartridge height of the MFF milling cutter. It is no longer necessary to readjust after changing a plate. The resulting precisely adjustable cutting edge height improves the handling and facilitates more reliable processes.