Like the entire MEC series from Kyocera, MECHT features positive, light cutting that achieves perfect 90° shoulders and smooth surfaces.

Compared to conventional milling cutters in this category, the Kyocera product is characterised by a new combination of insert sizes. The larger bottom inserts are positioned at the first stage of the toolholder to handle higher cutting forces. This stabilises machining in titanium alloys and significantly improves the fracture resistance. At the same time, its innovative design ensures higher reliability, as the bottom inserts are held in place by double-faced contacts. Another advantage is that the new flute design (large, smooth) prevents chips from clogging them. Thanks to this combination, MECHT reduces both chattering and chip recutting issues.

The new Kyocera milling cutter is also more durable. The JS chipbreakers require a significantly lower cutting force than do others’ cutters. Due to its sharp cutting performance, heat development at the cutting edge is kept to a minimum, which again ensures a long tool life. Furthermore, MECHT was developed with heat-resistant MEGACOAT NANO coating technology. The tough PVD coating (PR1535) increases breaking strength and supports stable and long-lasting application.