The Hommel & Keller RF-LD series of knurling tools for small automatic screw machines and sliding-head turning centres is said to be a revolutionary new system for knurling straight cut profiles. It has been developed with an extremely rigid construction to suit the requirements of small type CNC lathe machining operations. The rigid construction is enhanced by a special bearing and bushing combination in the tool head that keeps vibration reduced to a minimum while machining. The combination of these attributes result in a rigid design that guarantees exceptional knurl quality. Another benefit of this construction lies in the ability to increase feed and speed rates without loosing out on process safety. The system is capable of reducing processing times while significantly enhancing knurl quality and it is also capable of reducing setting times by up to 70 per cent. The RF-LD series can be used on all CNC type automatic screw machines and it is available with 8 x 8 mm, 10 x 10 mm, 12 x 12 mm, and 16 x 16 mm shank sizes. The basic tool holder (8 x 8 mm) can be transformed by mounting different adapters for bigger shank versions for maximum flexibility. The modular shank construction provides the end user with enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The knurling head can also be exchanged to adjust the tool to the necessary workpiece diameter. For work pieces from 1 to 15 mm, a cut knurling head with knurl diameter 10 mm is applied, while for a working area of 3 to 50 mm the manufacturer recommends the use of a knurling wheel with 15 mm diameter. Both tool heads can be used on any shank size.