The Mini 06 inserts are available as full or partial profile for metric and British Standard Whitworth thread forms, while the larger Mini 08 inserts offer full profile for metric threads, as well as a partial profile for 60 and 55° flank angle threads. The inserts come with two options of tool coating: CCN1525, a TiN coating for use on steel, cast iron and stainless steel; and CCN2520 for higher speeds on materials such as heat-resistant alloys.

“These tools are popular with customers using sliding-head machines and smaller lathes as an alternative to tapping, the reason being that they have much greater control over the process and, by using single-point tooling, the power requirement is greatly reduced,” says Adrian Fitts UK & Ireland sales manager - industry solutions. “Cost is also a factor in their popularity, especially when producing threads in more difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and other alloys, where tool life for HSS taps is not good.”