HSK-A63 Tendo E Hydraulic Toolholders from Schunk are economically priced - hence the E. The Tendo E enables the end user to save money, while easy tool change with a simple Allen key saves users time compared to alternate systems where expensive peripheral units may be required. SCHUNK compared three totally different systems using a finish milling cutter of 20 mm diameter to machine several horizontal paths in a test material (16MnCrS5k). With a cutting depth of 20 mm, contact width 0.6 mm and cutting speed of 180 m/min speed, the test was stopped as soon as the width VB exceeded the value of 0.3 mm. The tool life travel of a standard ER collet chuck was 230 m, while a heat-shrink toolholder machined 240 m. However, the TENDO Hydraulic Toolholder achieved almost 360 m, achieving 56 percent more than the collet chuck technology and 50 percent more than the heat-shrink toolholder. TENDO E toolholders are available for the interfaces SK 40 + 50, JIS-BT 40 + 50 as well as for the new interface HSK-A 63. The clamping diameters for SK 50 and BT 50 are standardised at 32 mm and the clamping diameters for SK 40, BT 40 and HSK-A 63 are standardised at 20 mm. Smaller shank diameters can be clamped with intermediate sleeves.