ATS Intelligence collects operational data such as defect rates, equipment status and cycle times directly from the production line and provides firms with near real-time analysis anywhere in the world.

This analysis aids in the reduction of manufacturing costs and improvement of operational efficiency and provides a vital step towards Smart Digital Transformation.

The benefits of the latest package include faster data analysis as ATS Intelligence now pre-calculates the results of commonly required calculations during runtime, so that reports can be generated as close to real-time as possible.

ATS Intelligence can also upload manufacturing KPIs to the cloud, using Microsoft Azure, where big data analysis can be performed. With all available in the cloud, companies can analyse data anywhere, in near real-time.

It gives firms better quality data by using a default value if a bad or poor-quality value is received and can even add value to data by performing automatic data contextualisation by linking received data to the batch, order or job ID associated to the production run.

Video gives an overview of what ATS Intelligence does.