The hydraulic bore clamp from Roemheld incorporates an innovative centring function which enables workpieces to be machined from all sides. It offeres the optimum combination of a double-acting pull-type cylinder equipped with a segment clamping bushing, which is pulled by a tie rod over a fixed cone. Due to this combination, the Roemheld bore clamp is particularly suitable for the centring and clamping of workpieces with smoothly machined bores with diameters from 16 to 46 mm and a support surface square to the hole axis. The bore clamp offers a high clamping force with a maximum operating pressure ranging from 50 to 350 bar. With repeatability of 0.005 mm, standard FKM seals and a hardened support surface, the Roemheld bore clamp is ideal for numerous clamping applications within machine tool construction. The range is available in five versions, which offer the end user the choice of an optimum adaptation of tie-rods, conus and workpiece support, depending upon their application requirements. The oil supply can also be connected through threads as well as a drilled channel for maximum flexibility.