The Hosokaw Micro fettling trolley can now accommodate larger parts for fettling and has a simplified, quick change filter design, making it more versatile in operation. Operators are able to slide longer and larger parts through the fettling trolley's brush guarded, split side panels. Sections of parts being polished, drilled or filed remain within the extraction chamber. This split sided design also allows greater manoeuvrability of parts within the chamber allowing operators improved access to all surfaces. There is no reduction in extraction performance or compromise in the clean-air working environment. The three-stage filtration system now includes a first stage washable, reusable stainless steel filter. The easy change panel filter is constantly monitored by alarm-activating pressure gauges while a high performance extraction fan ensures a reliable airflow through the booth, even when the filter cells are dirty. The addition of a Perspex shield at the top of the chamber gives added protection from potentially damaging flying debris, without restricting the operator's movements within the chamber.