This machine with travelling bridge is the smallest in Unisign's premium gantry machine series. The features of the new UNIPORT4000 have been expanded on several points.

The right-angular head available as an option now also allows for multi-sided machining. Another important adjustment has been made to the vertical clearance. This is 750 mm as standard and can even reach up to 1,250 mm.

The optional right-angular head plays a key role in the renewed UNIPORT4000’s design. This head has been a vital feature of the larger portal machines that Unisign has been building in-house for many years. With the right-angular head, there is no need for third-party commercial heads to machine a product on all sides efficiently.

Large components from various materials
The large X- and Y-axis movements make the new UNIPORT4000 ideal for machining large components from various material types. The direct-driven, water-cooled main spindle has a capacity of 36 kW / 12,000 rpm. For machining aluminium or plastic, the machine is optionally equipped with a powerful 58 kW / 16,000 rpm main spindle. The machine bed's open design ensures optimal chip removal.

Automatic tool changes
Tools are changed fully automatically on the UNIPORT4000. The machine is equipped with a chain-type tool store located in the moving bridge column as standard. For additional tools, a second tool storage is mounted on the rear side of the portal bridge. In total, the UNIPORT4000 has storage capacity for more than 100 tools. Special safety panels protect the work area from chips and coolant.

Two work zones for higher spindle performance
For pendulum machining, the X-axis of the UNIPORT4000 is divided into two separate work zones. While a product is being machined in one zone, the operator can set up the next workpiece in the other zone – achieving maximum spindle efficiency.

Reduced errors with automatic tool measurement
The UNIPORT4000 has an option for automatic tool measurement. The machine automatically measures the length and diameter of a tool using a laser. This prevents costly mistakes during programming and machining. Other options include internal cooling and a measuring probe.

Quiet working environment thanks to closed cooling system
The UNIPORT4000's main drive is water-cooled for better thermal control and lower noise, compared with air-cooled machines. The machine is perfect for a quiet, healthy and safe working environment.

No need for expensive foundations
The UNIPORT4000 does not require a special foundation and is placed directly on the factory floor. This means installation time is shorter and the machine can be easily relocated if necessary.

Shorter processing time
Companies that are reaching the limits of their current machine capacity can make huge gains in processing time by using the UNIPORT4000. Components that are being processed on separate machines can be machined together on the UNIPORT4000 in a single step. That means less handling, less assembly work and higher accuracy.

Total concept
Unisign supplies the improved UNIPORT4000 as total concept, adjusted to specific customer requirements. Clamping adaptors (hydraulic, vacuum and magnetic), machining heads, tools and the CNC programs are included if required.

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