The new brand has been developed to cater for the rising demands of hobbing tools from end users familiar Hommel & Keller’s specialist knurling tools and wheels, supplied under the Zeus brand. Claiming to be the industry benchmark in knurling products, Hommel & Keller has now set up its own hardening technology and PVD coating division, which gives the new HOBit line its edge, the company says.

HOBit gear cutting and hobbing tools are manufactured to customer demands with HSS, PM and solid carbide tools offered, with TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, nACo. nACo3 and nACRo and a host of alternative coatings available upon demand.

With this broad selection, HOBit product lines “can deliver optimum performance levels, astounding tool life and productivity that will surpass all other products, regardless of your process”, the company states.