With their newly developed tooth geometry they generate about 30% less vibration than conventional burrs, and are particularly free-cutting. The results are plain to see: Better surface qualities, 50% longer tool life, 25% higher metal removal rate and up to 60% greater cutting performance.

The new burrs from the GARANT brand consist of an optimised carbide substrate and up to ten different profiles, coupled with the option of a TiAlN coating. The latter feature reduces heat input into the substrate, improves the chip evacuation and in addition increases the tool life.

With their innovative tooth pitch, the new GARANT Multi Cut burrs generate extremely low vibration values. That is particularly beneficial when used on manually-guided power tools, since the tool can be guided significantly more accurately, the surface quality is better and the operator experiences fewer physical effects due to vibration.

All this with the most smooth cutting action, even at high depths of cut. In addition, the newly developed tooth geometry renders the burrs extremely free-cutting and ensures a high metal removal rate.

Specially honed edges protect against premature wear and increase the tool life. The defined shaft surface quality prevents any slippage and provides secure clamping in the collet. The special qualities of the new GARANT Multi Cut burrs mean they are versatile across a wide range of applications.

The new GARANT Multi Cut burrs will be available from 1 August via the 2021/2022 Hoffmann Group catalogue, as well as in the eShop www.hoffmann-group.com.