In numerous industries, such as the automotive sector, aerospace technology, construction or machine and plant engineering, weight is an increasingly important and decisive factor, for both economic and ecological reasons.

Manufacturers are therefore relying more frequently on light alloys such as aluminium, magnesium or titanium. In addition to high stability and low weight, the successful use of these materials is also due to their good machining properties. Aluminium, for example, is much easier and faster to machine than steel.

The cutting forces are also relatively low, which allows the use of smaller machine tools.

Efficient and economical operation of machine tools depends essentially on the gear solutions they use. Due to their high precision and rigidity, Nabtesco cycloidal gears guarantee precise motions and pin-point positioning, for a boost in performance.

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are very precise, robust and reliable – all in a very compact design. The two-stage reduction principle results in excellent performance with respect to dynamics and smooth operation, as well as high repeatability and path accuracy.

Consistent precision throughout the entire life cycle (maximum hysteresis loss of 0.5 to 1 arcmin), high torsional rigidity and high reduction ratios make the gearboxes ideal for use in machine tools.

The advantage of a high reduction ratio is a very low moment of inertia between the application and the motor. This improves the control quality of the motor and reduces the risk of vibrations in the drive train. The results are highly dynamic positioning operations, with no backlash. This reduces auxiliary times and increases the efficiency of the machining process. In addition, the lightweight design of Nabtesco gears ensures low inertia, while improving load conditions and saving energy.

Especially for machining of light alloys, which involves only minimal cutting forces, Nabtesco said its gears "are clearly superior to conventional direct drives". Direct drives require a high investment on the part of the customer (due to the high purchase price and maintenance costs) and also have a high requirement for resources such as electrical energy.

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are an attractive alternative in terms of both technology and efficiency. They are not only more cost-effective and easier to integrate, but also feature the advantages of reduced energy consumption and space requirements.