A standout feature of the Absolute Arm is its modular wrist design that allows both the RS5 laser scanner and pistol grip to be completely removed, facilitating easy probing in tight spaces. When reattached for laser scanning applications, a variety of grip sizes are available to ensure the best fit for every user. The newly developed wrist also features a display screen that allows for measurement result oversight, profile switching and calibration right at the point of measurement, reducing time spent switching attention between the arm and its control computer.

“Over the past eight years we’ve received a lot of positive and constructive customer feedback, and hopefully people will see how this has informed our design,” says Anthony Vianna, product manager for the Absolute Arm range. “Many customers told us they needed to measure in smaller and smaller spaces, like cavities or inside complex fixtures, and it was that sort of direct-from-the-user intelligence that drove us to create the most compact scanning configuration on the market today.”

The latest Absolute Arm models are also available in a six-axis version designed for dedicated probing applications. Within this category is the newly developed Absolute Arm Compact, with accuracy now to within 6 micron. The full Absolute Arm range is available across seven sizes, with measurement radii from 1.2 to 4.5 m, and three levels of accuracy, resulting in 36 unique arm configurations.