Consisting of a scanning unit and glass scale, the LIP 6000 was developed to have large mounting tolerances, automatic signal adjustment, a small interpolation error of ± 3 nm and a very low noise level of 1 nm RMS. The encoder is ideal for feedback applications where constant speed control is needed or stability of position is important.

The scanning unit contains Heidenhain’s HSP 1.0 ASIC signal processor, which is virtually unaffected by contamination on the glass scale. Having an 8 µm grating period, the scale is secured to the machine using clamps or an adhesive and is either of G8 glass or Zerodur G0 glass-ceramic. Homing and end-of-travel limit functions are included.

The encoder system does not have to be paired and adjusted prior to shipment, which means that the head and scale can be combined as desired by the user, assisted by the mounting wizard in the software provided.

Weighing 5 grams and measuring just 26 by 12.7 by 6.8 mm, the LIP 6000 is suitable for installation in machines where space is limited and /or axis acceleration is high. 1 Volt peak-to-peak or TTL interfaces are available, with serial interfaces to follow soon. Operating temperature range is -10°C to 70°C and protection is to IP50.