The pneumatic workpiece ejector depth can be adjusted flexibly by means of a retaining mechanism and positioned in the machine exactly as required for the workpiece. This automated function increases process security and reduces cycle times.

The Vario Flex workpiece ejector can also be used as a basic end-stop for coolant wash or air flush. To do this, the pneumatic spring is removed and a feed tube is attached. The optional workpiece-specific end-stop with holes for the wash and air flush can then be mounted directly on this flexible interface.

  • For precise, rigid clamping, Hainbuch recommends using the Vario Part system. It works on the same principle as a gauge block, and its height can be finely adjusted in 1 mm steps with gauge discs. With an axial run-out of < 0.02 mm at the part of the end-stop that touches the workpiece, vario part is ideal for machining finished parts.

  • The Vario Quick variant is intended for fast, flexible clamping. It has a precise, trapezoidal thread screw to allow the clamping length to be adjusted quickly. A half-turn is equivalent to an axial adjustment of 1 mm. Hainbuch also offers end stop blanks for workpiece or front end-stops.