With its diameter of just 224 mm, Centrotex S is suited to quick change-over system for machines with a small work space. Offering repeatability to ≤0.002 mm on the interface – without having to align – the latest version of the Centrotex quick change-over system is built to withstand rigorous operating environments.

The machine adapter is mounted on the spindle, and the clamping device (equipped with the adapter counterpart) can be exchanged for another clamping device in less than a minute. As a result, long set-up times are a thing of the past.

The smallest Centrotex version does indeed incorporate the proven technology of its big brother, however, it is superior in terms of convenience. The Centrotex S is actuated via just one radial locking screw, while ergonomic operation has been significantly improved thanks to the fewer tightening turns required. In addition, the Monteq changing fixture unburdens the machine operator and contributes to a faster clamping device set-up.