Gear Pro gear tooth measurement software is for gear tooth measurement using co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and is ideal for measurements with or without a rotary table. Gear tooth measurements can be integrated into a Calypso measurement plan or manually started from Gear Pro. Gear Pro bevel is used to measure bevel gears; Gear Pro involute for spur gears, and when used with a rotary table reduces preparation times. Both software options also permit measurements without a rotary table, depending on the workpiece geometry. The integrated interface to QDAS qs-STAT enables transfer of the measuring results for statistical evaluation. Gear Pro bevel not only offers the possibility of 'traditional' measurements using nominal data, it is also equipped with tools optimised for comparison measurements using CAD models. For example, this makes it possible to inspect bevel gears, pressure rams or blanks for which only CAD data is available. Gear Pro involute offers the possibility of integrating customer-specific requirements into the evaluation. Several corporate standards have already been built in. The software exceeds the demands of a topographical evaluation and the evaluation of different areas. It also accepts various tolerances and geometries for the left and right flanks of a gear tooth. Additionally, Gear Pro involute supports self-centering measurements of the pitch. With Gear Pro, the measuring run is always based on the gear tooth geometry. The CAD model is derived from the actual datasets and the geometry definitions. The definition of a measuring task – from the complexity of the measurement to the tolerances – is graphically supported and can also be entered interactively using a mouse. Gear Pro guides the user throughout the measuring process – from moving into the tooth space to retraction of the stylus. The measurement results are displayed as a measurement log or a graphic. A subsequent evaluation makes it possible to re-evaluate using already captured measurement data with modified parameters. Evaluations using Gear Pro are based on a 3D analytical model of the gear. Permitting the measurement of large point quantities for the exact description of the tooth profile and the determination of parameters at any measuring point. If gear flanks are captured three-dimensionally using a coordinate measuring machine, a direct comparison is made with the CAD data, thus providing more detailed information on the gear geometry.