The solution is based on the high performance ModuleWorks kinematic solving algorithms for continuous 5-axis milling and turning. AixPath integrated the algorithm into a new 5-axis interpolator that extends the functionality of the Tornos TISIS programming environment. The new AixPath interpolator enables operators to quickly and easily program the Tornos SwissDECO for continuous 5-axis machining via the movement of the rotary machine tool axes, thereby combining milling and turning operations in a single Swiss-type process for highly accurate and cost-effective machining of a wide range of complex workpieces.

“We were looking for a way to enhance the flexibility of our SwissDECO machine tools to meet the growing demand for manufacturing complex shapes”, explains Patrick Neuenschwander, R&D software & hardware manager, software product owner at Tornos. “With the new integrated solution, our customers benefit from the familiar TISIS programming environment and best-in-class toolpath generation technology that extends their manufacturing possibilities.”

Says Mark Foti, head of digital factory at ModuleWorks: “It’s exciting to see how ModuleWorks kinematic solving algorithms for the CNC are helping Tornos to open new application areas for Swiss type machining. We look forward to a successful ongoing cooperation and to further advances in the technology.”

Adds Marc Stautner, managing director of AixPath: “The new interpolator provides the capabilities that are absolutely necessary for a complex machine tool like the SwissDECO. We have ensured our complete support during the launch of the integrated software solution and during its operation.”

The new software has successfully passed intensive trials on prototypes of the SwissDECO and is available now as part of a software package delivered with the machine tool.