The Lang Grip-Fix system provides a method of achieving optimum clamping performance on the smallest cross section of material when used with the company’s Makro Grip vices. Lang’s patented ‘Form Closing’ technology is at the heart of the system, and consists of holding teeth and depth stops arranged in a crenulated pattern 0.2 mm deep. Clamping is restricted to just 3 mm of the workpiece, which is retained securely by the matching holding teeth in both the billet and the vice jaws. Closing pressure is then transmitted evenly to the material blank through the depth stops. The shape of the special ‘Form Closing’ pattern is pressed into the workpiece using the Grip-Fix stamping unit. Using a foot or hand operated pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier, workpieces can be stamped in less than five seconds. Quick and fine adjustment controls rapidly centre the billet, while a scaled stop for easy alignment enables batches of parts to be stamped even faster. Materials which can be clamped using the Grip Fix system include steel, aluminium, copper, brass and polymer, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where material costs need to be reduced, the part needs to be reliably fixed, and clamping loads minimised so as not to crush the component. It can even be used to stamp the ends of round material, where just a few teeth will give a rigid fixing ready for machining. Once the workpiece has been stamped, lateral alignment in the Makro Grip vice is simple, fast and accurate. The form of the holding teeth ensures that the part can be positioned within a repeatable tolerance of ± 0.02 mm after rough alignment with the engraved scale on the vice jaws, or by pushing it against the adjustable stop which comes with each Makro Grip. The Grip Fix stamping unit can apply up to 20 tonnes of pressure for hard materials, and is also available in a floor standing unit. This is equipped with dual stamps for long workpieces, cutting processing times down to only three seconds.