The capabilities of Faro RevEng include the scanning, capture and display of point clouds in colour, as well as the generation of point clouds that are geometrically and visually accurate in relation to the scanned object. Users can also convert the point cloud into a high-quality mesh that can be edited and optimised for further design purposes, or to make it ready for 3D printing.

RevEng tools and functionality are tightly integrated to ensure the seamless hand-off of project information, thus streamlining end-to-end workflows. The software is easy to use with intuitive icons on a single worksheet, while productivity is enhanced through automatic fixing and repair tools that reduce the time needed to create mesh models. In addition, creativity is said to be improved as users can easily extract 2D sketches and 3D contour lines from mesh models. This capability enables accurate and efficient digital representation of the scanned object. Final output can be a watertight mesh model, a mesh shell optimised for 3D printing, or a collection of 2D and 3D curves to feed into the CAD modeling stage of the design workflow. Importantly, RevEng includes specially developed algorithms that reduce processing time.