In addition to tight integration with Faro metrology products, CAM2 2019 extends the narrative for high-value interactivity and usability. For example, 6Probe users are now able to program button configurations and then interact with the software through the device in real time.Additionally, Faro laser-line probe users can benefit from immediate visual feedback of part quality via live deviation colour scans. Finally, with the built-in universal CAD importer, all major CAD file formats can be directly imported into CAM2, improving workflow by eliminating the need for time-consuming ‘double translations’.

CAM2 2019 features a standard set of software instructions, or routines, which automatically guide the user through specific operations, visually and audibly. This capability reduces the technical expertise required to use Faro 3D measurement solutions, shortens workflow and allows users to direct their primary focus on the measurement results themselves. Additionally, preset scanning profiles further streamline the end-to-end process by enabling users to select the appropriate scan setting for the specific part type at the click of a button.

Faro’s CAM2 2018 featured the RPM (repeat part management) control centre, an integrated, web-based dashboard reporting tool for real-time inspection and trend analysis in a user-friendly set of adaptable visual reports. Additionally, RPM enables a specific inspection process to be designed once, and then repeated and executed by anyone on the factory floor. CAM2 2019 evolves this functionality to actionable intelligence by delivering statistics-based graphs and results for trend analysis and predictive alerts. These alerts not only highlight that the measurement target is trending beyond tolerance, but inject advanced intelligence into the process and relay why the situation is occurring.