For demanding machining applications across all sectors of industry where components are machined from a solid block, the Chiron FZ16S optimises milling performance with maximum precision. Developed with HSK-A100, this machine is perfectly tailored to the high material removal requirements of industry.

The powerful main spindle achieves a torque level of 400Nm and is perfect for machining difficult structural components made from titanium or nickel-based alloys like inconel. The particularly large HSK-A100 interface and the proven moving gantry design, which ensures high static and dynamic rigidity, form the basis for particularly high machining rates and machining very deep cavities.

The powerful drives of the machining centre provide the required dynamics. The new FZ16S also impresses in terms of precision thanks to a robust basic design and particularly high thermal stability.

From a specification perspective, the Chiron FZ16S 5-axis provides a spacious X, Y and Z-axis travel of 660 by 660 by 400mm with a 61kW spindle motor and of course the HSK-A100 that combine to guarantee a platform for heavy-duty material removal rates.

This performance is reinforced by an optional high-speed and high torque 20,000rpm 200Nm HSKA63 that is supplied by a 162 station tool carousel. As with all of its machines, Chiron has built speed and performance into every element of the FZ16S with an industry-leading chip-to-chip time of 2.5 seconds and rapid feed rates of 75m/min.

With regards to flexibility, the Chiron FZ16S 5-axis is available with the VariocellPallet. Perfect for processing small batch sizes more dynamically and flexibly, the VariocellPallet enables various raw parts to be clamped on a rotary indexing table with up to ten pallets.

The handling system supplies raw parts to the machining centre and removes the workpieces together with the pallet following the successful machining process.

This significantly increases productivity and allows a second pallet to be loaded while another pallet is being processed. Alternately, customers can consider the flexible and cost-effective VariocellUno handling robot, workpiece storage and loading/unloading device.

From an Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing perspective, the Chiron FZ16S 5-axis machining centre is available with Chiron’s impressive SmartLine platform for intelligent machine control, digital networking and mutual machine communication.

With the SmartLine program, the Chiron Group provides a modular software system that enables customers to unlock the full potential of the digital manufacturing process. So, whatever route you take to your ultimate productivity station, the Engineering Technology Group has a solution available.