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Turbex releases compact aqueous parts washer


Aimed at entry-level users, a compact washing machine is being introduced by Turbex for the fast, efficient cleaning of industrial components. Employing aqueous technology for the cleaning process, the inexpensive Pura ...

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3M expands Novec cleaning fluids range with 73DE


3M has released Novec 73DE engineered fluid, which is designed for demanding types of metal cleaning applications. In common with other Novec engineered fluids, it has good health, safety and environmental properties in ...

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Mafac machines from Turbex offer targeted cleaning


Germany-based Mafac has introduced a targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying system option for its Java and Palma industrial cleaning machines, which are sold in the UK through sole agent Turbex. The system is aimed in ...

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BOC launches CryoClean Snow+ cleaning process


CryoClean Snow+ from BOC combines dry ice blasting (using CO2 dry ice crystals) with sand blasting to provide a method for cleaning industrial products such as machinery, process equipment and conveyor belts. It is also ...

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Dürr’s EcoCVac dry cleans powertrain parts


The EcoCVac from Dürr Ecoclean is a dry cleaning system that eliminates the need for compressed air. Apart from delivering enhanced process reliability, the system can deliver energy savings of more than 50% in typical ...

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Turbex adds Elma ultrasonic cleaners to range


The range of ultrasonic cleaning machines built by Elma at its factory in Germany is now being sold and serviced in the UK by Turbex. Representative models are already available for demonstration in the Turbex showroom ...

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Mafac Malta cleaning machine available from Turbex


For the precision cleaning of small components in an aqueous solution, the Mafac Malta has been introduced to the UK market by Turbex, under its exclusive distributor agreement with the German manufacturer.