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Elesa coolant hose system is modular & flexible


​The new Elesa FH Modular Coolant Hose system provides a solution in metalcutting and machining applications, and for lubricating large compressors and other equipment, in the oil and gas industries.

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Latest reaming, drilling and tapping fluids from Rocol


With the arrival of the Tri-Logic series, Rocol has enhanced its RTD (reaming, tapping and drilling) range of cutting-fluid technologies. Working in co-operation with its customer base across all sectors, Rocol has paid ...

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Cloud-based coolant management software from CIS


The in-house development team at CIS has released its cloud-based MWF coolant care solutions management software, which is designed to map customer machine tools, departments, users and metalworking fluid data.

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ExxonMobil launches gear and circulating oil


ExxonMobil is introducing Mobil SHC Elite, a synthetic gear and bearing circulating oil for general manufacturing applications. The lubricant’s formulation can help protect equipment operating at extreme temperatures, ...