The Darex V391 drill sharpener is ideal for general machining or fabrication shop use. It costs less than 100 new drill bits and enables even inexperienced users to sharpen drills from 3 mm (1/8 in) to 19 mm (3/4 in) diameter in less than 60 seconds. The unit is suitable for drills with point angles from 118 to 140 degrees and will accurately regrind standard, HSS, cobalt, thick webbed and split point drills with equal ease. The V391 incorporates two separate grinding wheels, one for sharpening and the other for point splitting. Super abrasive Borazon (CBN) wheels are specified as standard, for regrinding high speed steel (HSS) and cobalt drills, with optional diamond wheels available for use with carbide tooling. The V391 requires no special tools and features a compact, fully enclosed design which includes a vacuum extraction port for clean and safe operation.