The DD200 high speed, high torque gearless rotary unit has super-precision positioning and repeatability making it ideal for parts that require extremely accurate angular positioning, as well as for high speed, high accuracy contouring applications. The direct-drive design eliminates backlash, providing high servo stiffness and extremely rapid and accurate bidirectional response with repeatability of ±2 arc/sec. Hardinge’s Direct-Drive Rotary benefits include: * Super-Precision positioning and repeatability for consistent, high precision machining; * Up to 2,100 degrees-per-second indexing speed for increased productivity; * Wraparound torque motor for a smaller foot print; * Zero backlash with high servo stiffness providing rapid bidirectional movements; *Hardinge’s patent-pending design manages heat dissipation and maintains stability of the center line of the spindle to maximize process capability; * 4th-axis integration supported by Fanuc and Heidenhain allowing operators to take advantage of maximum machine capability including “look-ahead” programming for high speed machining; * Semi 4th-axis operation using Hardinge’s standalone Servo Control for use on CNC machines that can’t support “pole position detect”; * 10” (254 mm) slotted face plate included for ease of clamping on a generous surface; * A flexible collet-ready spindle that allows quick changeover from collets, expanding collets, step chucks, power chucks and face plates without an adapter; * The Hardinge DD200 incorporates a direct-drive, rare-earth, permanent-magnet torque motor. This frameless motor wraps around the spindle, eliminating the need for a separate motor extension resulting in a smaller footprint. A high resolution ± .077 arc/sec encoder is mounted directly to the spindle enabling ± 3 arc/sec system accuracy for extremely accurate positioning.