‘CANTIBLOC’ is a system of storage racking for dies and moulds for use with a ‘MANUBLOC’ stacker from the Rotobloc-PSP division of Dimeco. This system has been built for easy access, accurate positioning and storage as well as withdrawal of dies and moulds, all stored in purpose built racking without any cross bars and pillars. They have been designed for use as individual units or for joining together to form a complete multi storage facility. Two cost saving features of this system are a lateral position access ramp VLPA providing accurate positioning of the stacker within the racking for loading and unloading and Rotobloc’s QUICK-BLOC push pull arm and die hooking arm, which accurately positions the die on both the press table and in the CANTIBLOC rack, eliminating the need for manual intervention by the operator when accessing and loading dies and moulds. MANUBLOC is a universal stacker that can be used for handling dies and moulds and also steel coils as well as being used as a general purpose forklift loader and unloader. ‘MINI CANTIBLOC’ is a basic stand alone unit comprising two pillar/bases able to store up to five dies and moulds each weighing maximum 3,000 kg. The maximum die or mould depth is 700 mm with a maximum width 1,200 mm. CANTIBLOC is a series of 8 two pillar/base systems able to handle up to 5 dies and moulds each with a maximum weight from 3.000 - 6,000 kg. with depths between 600 mm – 1,250 mm and up to 3,000 wide. MAXI CANTIBLOC-SF is a series of 6 four pillar/base systems handling up to 4 dies and moulds each with a maximum weight of from 6,000 – 10,000 kg with depths between 1,000 – 1,500 mm and up to 4,000 mm wide.