A range of special diamond dressing blocks are designed for use on grinders with reciprocating tables; for example surface grinders, tool and cutter grinders and optical form grinders. Advantages of both special and standard dressing blocks include: increased speed and accuracy, simplified set-up, long tool life, reduced spindle wear and increased machine versatility. Standard surface grinders can act as automatic form grinders when combined with power down-feed. In addition, the dressing blocks eliminate the necessity for costly wheel truing attachments and assure users of freshly dressed wheels throughout the grinding cycle. The special electrogrip diamond dressing blocks are particularly applicable to quickly and accurately dressing specific forms into aluminium oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheels. The simple-to-use dressing blocks can either be held magnetically or mechanically on the machine table, or mounted within a part holding feature. By setting the dressing block at the finished ground height and adjusting the reciprocating stroke length, it will continually dress the wheel as the part approaches its finished form and height. At the same time as the wheel is being freshly dressed, the work piece is being ground to precise form and size, thus ensuring that all parts are accurately ground, piece after piece.