Although laser profiling machines are producing components almost burr free, small burrs and sharp edges still remain, representing a risk to those handling the components and, with health and safety regulations becoming more stringent, a situation that has to be addressed. The Grindingmaster machine can handle parts from 100 mm in length and up to 1,350 mm in width, which are secured on a vacuum conveyor table. They then pass under a carousel with eight rotating brushes, which in turn revolve around a central axis. The standard machine with the orbital brushes will remove a minimum amount of material, making it ideal for Zintec, aluchrome and plastic coated components. Heavy plate and oxy- or plasma-cut pieces are given controllable radiused edges, including, on small holes in the middle of the parts. An optional Grindingmaster abrasive belt head can be positioned in front of the brushes which will remove heavy burrs or laser slag before radiusing. Ellesco is the sole UK distributor for the Grindingmaster range from Timesavers.