The Go!SCAN 3D offers the same performances of the previous generation of HandySCAN 3D, but enables faster field deployment. In addition, Creaform has released a new version of its NDT software, Pipecheck 6.0. Pipecheck 6.0 features an additional module for wrinkle analysis. This module will enable technicians to identify and assess wrinkles on pipelines, which can greatly impact the long-term integrity of pipes and drive maintenance costs up.

“NDT and NDE service companies as well as pipeline owners can now benefit from a module that, when used with a 3D scanner, improves the reliability of assessing wrinkles on energy pipes,” adds Lavoie. “Quality data regarding wrinkles can be captured faster, which inevitably leads to engineering teams making better decisions. This wrinkle analysis module will ultimately help save on overconservative maintenance costs as well as carry out more effective preventative maintenances and repairs.”