Go!Scan Spark features four inline cameras for fast 3D scanning and colour acquisition. The device also offers an ergonomic design that allows for different types of hand positions. Go!Scan Spark enables full-field dimensional measurements on an array of surfaces and textures for various product development applications.

No set-up is required, with the device offering robust positioning using geometry, colour or targets. In comparison with previous units, Go!Scan Spark offers four times better resolution and three times faster measurement. The scanning area features 99 stripes that take up to 1.5 million measurements per second, ultimately cutting down the time to get usable mesh files, which users can import into 3D modelling and 3D printing software without post-processing. Reliable measurements of up to 0.05 mm are possible.

“The work of product designers has greatly evolved over the past few decades,” says Simon Côté, product manager at Creaform. “Today, product development teams are under increasing pressure to innovate more quickly, work with multi-disciplinary, remote teams, and launch products faster than ever before. Go!Scan Spark generates quality 3D models, facilitates the design iteration process, mitigates errors and accelerates reverse engineering. Without a doubt, Go!Scan Spark is a key tool in designing products to maintain a leadership position in innovation and a manufacturer’s specific market sectors.”

Go!Scan Spark will make its European debut at the Control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, which takes place on 7-10 May.