The new CrazyDrill drilling line for machining small holes in aluminium is capable of cutting speeds in excess of 300 m/min and feeds of 0.5 mm/rpm. These are normal cutting parameters for the CrazyDrill (Mikron, Agno, Switzerland), which is available with either two or three cutting edges. The CrazyDrill is available in diameters from 0.4 to 4 mm and lengths up to 15xD. (Through coolant drills available from 1.00 mm) However, these dimensions are not the limit for this tool. In close partnership with customers, cutting tool specialists from Mikron Tool have developed drills to lengths of 30xD with the high-performance CrazyDrill cutting geometry. An example of the CrazyDrill’s performance has been demonstrated by an automotive sub-contractor who manufactures die cast gear rings (GD-AlSi9Cu3) machined with a standard CrazyDrill Alu at set parameters of n=15'000 min, f=0.3 mm/rpm and fc=450 mm/min. The sub-contractor drilled 36 holes in each workpiece at a diameter of 1.5 mm and a depth of 5 mm with a tool life of 150,000 holes per drill, reducing tooling costs, improving productivity and surface finish of the components.