The modular range of SLE Electronic equipment for degreasing, cleaning and deburring of components as they emerge from a coil-fed stamping press can be factory fitted or retrofitted for operation with any press line, not just the high speed presses manufactured by Bruderer in Switzerland. Appropriate modules are combined from SLE's aqueous, chemical and mechanical cleaning systems, which are positioned on the output side of the press. A large variety of spraying, rinsing and steaming units is available to remove grease, oil and coolant. Scale, flashes and some burrs can be removed during the cleaning cycle in high-pressure (180 bar) water jet units. The component strip then passes through the main deburring module, whose brushes are mounted on a quick-change unit to assist rapid changeover to suit different strip widths from 20 to 110 mm. Edge chamfering and texturing of the component surface can be included in the deburring cycle. An integral measurement system checks for brush wear and adjusts their position to within ± 0.15 mm. Strip speed through the SLE modules is selectable up to 8 m/min.