The TEM S250 Thermal Energy Method (TEM) deburring machine features a modular design, a more compact footprint, a new add-options to support customisation, and is a competitively priced. The TEM S250 is available with different chamber diameters and heights. The combustion chamber is supplied with a height of 150 mm (standard) or with the “extended chamber” option with a height of 300 mm, which offers the possibility of machining larger workpieces. The two-piece deburring chamber is totally water-cooled, enabling the system to be used in continuous operation. It is also easy to integrate the system into a linked production line. All of these functions result in more operating efficiencies and greater flexibility. The machine frame of the TEM S250 is extremely stable and is designed to offer long-lasting fatigue strength and performance. The closing pressure of the combustion chamber is 250 US tons (2,250 kN) and the maximum chamber fill pressure, depending on the chamber diameter, is between 232 psi and 348 psi. Depending upon workpiece size, a single Kennametal Extrude Hone TEM machine like the enhanced TEM S250 is capable of processing upwards of a million or more parts per year. TEM is unique among material removal process primarily because it removes burrs and flash simultaneously throughout the workpiece, including internal and external locations, without compromising the integrity of other surfaces.