The Two-Channel MQL system has been engineered for high-speed, high-productivity applications. Spindle speeds of up 40,000 rpm can be supported as centrifugal forces through the spindle do not affect the delivery of the oil, as with other types of MQL. Also, by allowing the use of higher viscosity oils, it gives better lubrication for longer tool life, thus an inherent reduction in service and maintenance of the cutting machine. It also enables quick tool changes to take place due to its minimal switch on/off time of only 0.1s. Recent trials have shown MQL to cut a total cycle time by 30 per cent, giving greater productivity; equivalent to cutting a typical hourly rate of £50 to under £35 per hour. MQL technology allows semi-dry (or near dry) machining operations to be carried out with only a minimal amount of lubrication [can be as low as 10ml per hour] to prevent tool damage. And unlike conventional water-based cutting fluids (emulsions), minimal quantity lubrication uses waterless lubricants. It is far more effective and gives a finish which is the same, or better than wet machining. * MQL = minimum quantity lubrication