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Kasto app gives sawing machine activity visibility


​Kasto has introduced a new application, KASTOapp, to facilitate remote visualisation of its sawing machines on a shopfloor. The app displays the operational status of all networked machines equipped with the ...

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Three punch/laser combination machines from LVD


​Strippit PL offers two technologies in one machine, punching and laser profiling. Three punch-laser models are available: the single-head style Strippit PX 1530-L and Strippit V 1530-L in both thick- and thin-turret ...

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Innovatest FENIX 300 series of hardness testers


​The Innovatest FENIX 300 series of hardness testers Bowers Group provide users with accurate test results and fast operation, combining the most recent load application technology with a top-class German-made depth ...

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Norelem precision three-jaw chucks


​Norelem’s new precision three-jaw chucks are specially developed to easily hold cylindrical workpieces externally or internally, and are ideal for holding tasks such as measuring technology or laser labelling.