The Queens Award for Innovation recognises exceptional achievement by UK businesses and is acknowledged as the highest UK award for companies. It is awarded to products or services that have been available on the market and can demonstrate outstanding innovation and commercial success for at least two years.

Lynx EVO is a high productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope providing market-leading ergonomic performance for intricate inspection and manipulation tasks. It combines ergonomic and optical excellence with digital real time information transfer capabilities. Based on Vision Engineering’s globally patented ‘expanded pupil’ technology, it was developed to address the issue of operator efficiency.

Expanded pupil technology, based on patented optical micro-array surfaces, maximises possible head/body movement, hand to eye coordination, use of peripheral sensory information and allows operators to sit further away from the eye-piece, leading to improved user posture, reduced fatigue and improved accuracy and efficiency.

Lynx EVO was also developed to enhance multi-site design and manufacturing by improving the digital sharing of detailed real time information across complex manufacturing and distribution supply chains.

The unit has been widely adopted around the world for critical manufacturing operations, by large medtech, medical device, telecomms, aerospace, automotive and other manufacturers, and their extended subcontract supply chains. Ninety-five percent of 61-year-old Vision Engineering’s output is exported.

Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering, comments: “We are delighted to be awarded the highest accolade that UK business can receive for our Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscope. It reinforces our belief that exploiting state-of-the-art micro-array technologies and addressing the digital expectations of our customers offer significant benefits of throughput, reduced wastage and workplace efficiency across a range of industries globally through improved operator comfort, accuracy productivity and communication of information across multiple locations.

“The development of Lynx EVO and other related products has enabled us to exploit our unique expertise in the complex science of multi-faceted surfaces, and enabled Vision Engineering to combine multiple leading edge disciplines, to good commercial effect.”