Turbex used the exhibition to launch its ProLine 2 range of automated cleaning lines, intended for high levels of precision cleaning assisted by multi-frequency ultrasonics.

Promoted also for the first time in the UK was targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying technology in a single-chamber machine. It works alongside a global spray-flood action coupled with highly controllable kinematics and rotatable ultrasonic transducers. On show additionally were new Turbex multi-stage ACV front-loading, spray washing and rinsing machines, as well as a range of bench-top and floor-standing ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

He commented: "It was partly down to a 5% increase in footfall this year and also due to the new location of the show in the Atrium at the Birmingham NEC, which resulted in a smoother flow of trade visitors through the halls during the course of each day. As a result, there was a considerable increase in the number of serious enquiries.”