The Leamington-based manufacturer is investing in the company both during and after the pandemic by opening a brand-new production site, dedicated to the manufacture of face and eye protection such as protective face shields for NHS workers.

This transformative investment support’s Tecman’s vision to become a global leader in the development and manufacture of face and eye protection in the long-term.

The new West Midlands-based premises includes 100,000 square feet of storage, a new automation system to streamline production, and state-of-the-art machinery to boost manufacturing capacity. Having a new production line dedicated to the manufacturing of PPE visors means Tecman can produce over 1 million protective visors each week.

Tecman has manufactured these new lightweight, disposable face shields since April, under the brand Tecman Advanced Healthcare Products. This vital product has helped to tackle a global shortage of PPE, and has protected thousands of vulnerable healthcare workers around the UK. But the company isn’t stopping there. Instead, the Tecman team are developing new and improved face shields and other protective products that address healthcare workers’ needs and comfort concerns.

Tecman’s Technical Director, Kevin Porter, commented: “Developing and manufacturing an effective product to support frontline workers has already led to the creation of 30 new jobs at Tecman. Our expansion into new premises creates a need to expand our team further, and we’re delighted to be able to offer jobs within the West Midlands during a time when many are unable to work.”

Opening the new production site for face and eye protection products frees up manufacturing capacity in the company’s current facility – an important and positive step on the road to recovery as Tecman’s regular customers begin to reopen after the peak of COVID-19.