Tebis 4.1 provides all the necessary prerequisites for safe and fast production of all parts and components.

The proven manufacturing database libraries, in which the details of real world manufacturing processes are represented in the form of digital twins, have been supplemented with a new clamping device library. This enables NC programmers to perform virtual setup of parts on CNC machines, providing another benefit for manufacturing process optimisation and safety.

After the virtual setup, all relevant information is transferred with Tebis NC Documentation to the machine operator responsible for the setup at the shopfloor.

NC programmers and machine operators can now also fully integrate geometry measurement, alignment and compensation tasks into NC programs with Tebis 4.1 In-process Measurement Module.

This new Tebis module enables direct checks with Tebis CAM system if the part is correctly clamped and the blank is correctly dimensioned and oriented – ensuring shorter setup and machining time, higher part quality and fewer correction iterations.

For even greater safety with Tebis 4.1, machine heads are now accounted for digitally during NC toolpath calculation. Tebis detects potential collisions with the machine head and prevents these by reducing the affected milling areas.

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