Based in Dunfermline, it will also be the first training school in Scotland to offer the advanced courses of Eddy Current, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing and Time of Flight Diffraction.

IMechE Fife NDT is based to the south of Dunfermline. There are a range of hotels nearby and the training school is easily accessible from the M90 motorway or from Rosyth railway station.

The facility has extensive car parking and has been fully refurbished with modern classrooms and a comfortable student breakout area where free student lunches will be provided. Most importantly, the training centre has excellent equipment and an extensive range of training and exam samples.

IMechE Fife NDT is headed by training manager, Peter McPherson, who has been training NDT technicians for over 20 years. He is supported by Graeme Innes who has a full lifetime’s experience in NDT, including seven years as a trainer at Fife College, and Stewart Gray who has six years training experience in a variety of methods.

IMechE Fife NDT will be fully supported by market leaders, IMechE Argyll Ruane, and will benefit from access to their extensive resources, including Level 3 Services, advanced UT tutors and best-in-class training material.

Make a booking at or call 0114 399 5720.