"With an increasingly customer centric world, it is more important than ever to be close to customers," said Jim Abbassian, Predator Software president and co-founder. "Predator Software Ltd. effectively doubles the number of time zones, provides 18 hours of phone coverage Monday - Friday and provides further confidence and peace of mind."

The managing director of the new office is Braden Connolly. He is an experienced executive that started his career in manufacturing back in 1998. He has extensive CAD, CAM, DNC and manufacturing experience.

With the launch of the new company a free health check initiative has been launched, good through to the end of the year, which provides up to two free hours of service for existing UK and EU customers. To schedule a health check call +44(0)3333 447151.

"I'm excited to build on the foundations my colleagues in the US have already laid, meeting and supporting all of the different UK and EU manufacturing customers," said Braden Connolly, Predator Software Ltd managing director. "Our customer experience has been key to our success, and I'm fully committed to maintaining and improving that."

Since 1994 Predator Software has focused on automating manufacturers worldwide with innovative and award-winning software applications.

Predator Software said it is an industry leader in Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing, industrial networking solutions and automation via shop floor control or SFC. Predator's SFC technologies include CNC networking, machine monitoring, OEE, production data management, data collection, machine simulation & verification, tool & gage crib management, traveller management, CNC post processing, flexible manufacturing systems and robotic cell control software.